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    Author: Adeeb Mehr

    "Hunger" is a story about a little Baluch boy who has to carry the load of poverty on his back alone.

    The little guy and his mother were extremely hungry. They had ran out of all the food in their home and they were spending their days with the grace of God. His mother had no one. Her tears were dropping one the ground one by one. When the little guy saw the tears of his mother he could not stand being home anymore. The little guy left home to find a job. He was wearing a pair of old and worn out sandals. And one of the slings of the sandal was torn and was reattached by a threat. This helpless little guy went to the Bazaar and approached a shopkeeper and asked ” can I do something for you uncle? I am looking for work.”

    The shopkeeper looked him up and down and with a mean tone said I have no work for you with these old cloths, which will send my costumers running out. The little boy became nervous and he got teary-eyed. Then he went to the next shop and asked for work. The shopkeeper told him. I have one condition, I will give you 2000 Toman (47 cents) a day. The little guy said ”what is your condition sir?”

    The shopkeepr said I will buy you a pair of new shoes and cloths and will deduct it from your salary because, with these these old clothes no costumer will approach my shop. I will deduct the price of the clothes and the shoes for five months from your salary. After this period I will pay you. The Little guy said I do not want clothes. I will tell my mother to wash and retouch the places that are torn. The shopkeeper started laughing and making fun of the little guy.

    The little guy said I swear the clothes will look new. The shopkeeper yelled at him saying this is no place for a person with these kind of cloths and sent the boy out of the shop. The little guy was surprised because people would not give him work because of his old cloths. He left the city and sat by the see pondering. At this moment he saw a crowd signing up for a race. He heard someone from the middle of the crowd yelling to ten to twelve year old kids to come and sign up and participate in the race. The little guy got up and walked toward the crowd. Someone from the crowd called him and said don’t you want to join?

    The little guy accepted. He was asked where did he come from. He said he came from far away. When people saw his clothes and shoes they felt for him. At the same time the little guy could not hold it and he broke in tears. They asked him what had happen that made him cry like this. He said my mother is hungry and we have no food to eat. He said allow me to participate in this race maybe I can win and provide for my mother. They consoled the little guy and told him we wrote your name down and you can participate. They lovingly patted him on his head and comforted him again.

    They told the little guy whoever wins the race will win 3 million Tomans (700 $). He was ecstatic but he was hungry and could not say that he is hungry. He was in a conflict with himself, can he win while he is hungry like this? but he told himself I will do my best anyway. He asked God to help him from the bottom of his heart and was counting the seconds for the race to start. While he was waiting they called him to come forward and join the rest of competitors. The little guy was a fast and capable runner. He won the race and received the 3 million Toman prize. He was very happy so he got something for dinner and went home.

    The mother asked where have you been my son? The little guy told his mother I went out to find a job but I couldn’t, but there was a race and I took part and won 3 million Toman. His mother became so happy and hugged the little guy. They bought grocery and made food for themselves. Thanks to that money they started a good life and left their suffering behind and they were thankful to God for getting rid of hunger.