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    Lali and Bilal

    Author: Adeeb Meher

    Lali and Bilal were both studying at the university. Lali loved rain and said that whoever turns the clouds into rain and make the drops fall on my face, I will marry him. Bilal loved Lali so much.

    After all, Lali was the most beautiful girl at the university. The scent of her hair and her pretty smile made all passersby go crazy about her. Lali had such a god-given beauty that Bilal fell deeply in love with her.

    One day, Bilal asked her friend, Maria, to convey his message to Lali that Bilal loved her very much. Would she marry him? And let him know about her response. Maria delivers Bilal’s message to her with lot of enthusiasm.

    “Girls, let’s all gather around Laal as I have some good news for her.” she said enthusiastically.

    The girls surrounded Lali with giggles and smiles and finally Maria delivered Bilal’s message to Lali.

    Lali said, “Have you not told Bilal about the condition of my marriage? Maria said no. She laughed and said, “So go and tell him that whenever he would turn the cloud in rain and when raindrops fall over my face, I will marry him.”

    Maria went to Bilal and delivered her message to Bilal, ‘Lali has said that if you could rain down on her whenever she asks for it, she would marry you.’ Bilal was surprised and immersed in thought. Maria laughed after delivering Lali’s childish wish, ‘oh, poor Bilal’ and went back to Lali.

    She asked her, “How did Bilal respond?” Maria said: ‘Of course Bilal looked shocked. He was wondering how he could turn the clouds to rain.’

    Bilal went to home and said to his mother, “Mother, I have chosen a girl to marry, but that girl has put a very weird condition that whenever she asks for it, I would have to make the clouds to rain over her face and if I could fulfill her condition, she would marry me.”

    Bilal’s mother identified the logic behind Lali’s remarks. But she didn’t disclose it to Bilal yet. Instead she said, “My son, I don’t know how would you rain over that girl’s face?” Bilal started weeping. Her mother smiled and realized that Bilal was soon bringing home his favorite girl, Lali as a bride.

    It was the first day of the university after vacations. Bilal left the house in the morning and headed to university. He lifted his head towards the sky and saw no sign of any dark clouds in the sky, he got disappointed. He entered the university in distraught and saw that Lali with her beautiful long hair and big twinkling eyes was standing in front of her.

    Bilal’s heart skipped a beat and tears started rolling down his face. Lali saw Bilal in that state and said, “Bilal, I accept you. Now you have proven your love for me. I always thought to myself that whenever your eyes looked at me like they are raining, that would mean you really loved me from the bottom of your heart. I saw today that your eyes shed tears like rainwater.’

    And then they married and lived happily ever after.